It’s rather insane it’s gotten as much attention as it has. It’s a waste of my time to attack it.

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Here come the Irish … and the Braves!

By Kara Bazinet, John Zimmerman and Kristen Lucibello, Grade 12, SJB  

Here come the Irish! … and the Braves! Who would have thought that a high school pilgrimage to Notre Dame, a world renowned university, would have been as life changing as it was. The theme of our pilgrimage was hospitality, which was demonstrated throughout the trip by those living in South Bend, Indiana. It was an honour to be part of an atmosphere enriched with so much history, culture, and Catholic values. From the school tours, to the scavenger hunts, the athletic events, bus rides and overwhelming generosity shown by the Little Flower Parish, our trip was truly a blessed experience. The football game was a once in a lifetime opportunity, as the Irish are known for their incredible school spirit and unity both on and off the field. Our journey to Notre Dame is one we will carry with us throughout our lives. While we can explain what we did, we can never truly capture the spirit of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish with words alone.



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The State of Damage to the South Boston area specific to Halifax county and hart hit areas?


Hi, 22Sept11

I would like to find out the extent of damage related to the hurricane Irene as it relates to South Boston and possible flooding or other damage, if any.


Greg Faulkner

You can get the most accurate and up-to-date information by contacting the local emergency manager for Halifax County: Kirby Saunders at 434-476-6061.
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